"Mask Of Anger"

Back again is this Ohio-based 4-piece with one fine slab of metal testosterone with this 10-track, 40-minute gem with some great vocal work, crunchy riffs and some well thought out tunes. Bands thast come to mind are Cage and maybe a mellower "Burnt Offerings" era Testament. Fans of underground bands like Antix and Conquest could also releate as far as MINDSCAPE's overall original sound. I don't know any other bands with this sound to be honest. The album was produced by the band themselves but it was also mixed and tinkered with from the main Megaforce Records and 80s metal icon Alex Perilias and the result is a nice wall of sound capturing the old school presence but giving it that grittier edge. This album has all the goods that any true fan of metal can appreciate. MINDSCAPE is another in a long list of bands from Ohio that have beefed-up the metal scene in the last 4 years. [SavaLegions]