Review: MINDSCAPE – "Dismantling Evolution"  (Nightmare Records)


 A lot of energy here from this American band from Ohio. What first comes to my mind is Prong and Coroner. It's mostly in the musical quality and the somewhat industrial sound of the drums. The strange thing is that a ballad-like song finds it way into the style of Mindscape but what the hell – every true metal band must have a ballad! The vocals are old-school in a way and remind me of something but I do not know what…wait, maybe the guy from Downer and Rob Zombie at times?

I have heard this band some time ago and it's not strange cos they've been around since 1995. The songs have a steady groove and there are no real transitions but it's not tiring because they consist of various riffs and guitar-licks. Mindscape have toured quite a bit with artists such as: Danzig, Reveille, Flotsam and Jestsam, Ultraspank, Taproot, Nevermore and Immortal. As you notice these bands do not have much in common but the truth is that Mindscape works great in combination with these bands. Maybe due to the fact that the music is pretty old-school but has a somewhat modern sound and groove.

I guess you'd like the music if you are into: Prong, Coroner, White Zombie, Static-X or even power-metal (I hate this style of metal!). Find out more:

9 out of 10.

Artur "A.T." Malachowski