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Mindscape - Slave and parts from Dismantling Evolution - 5 track sampler - 2004
01. Slave
02. Pressure
03. Remember
04. Shame
05. Ultimate Gift
When a metal band, had play live shows with : Nevermore, Overkill,
Dokken, Slayer, Manowar and Judas Priest. What you expected to hear?
Ok, this band comes from United States and this is their latest efford.
A  five track sampler. The music is between, power metal and some modern
sound and some elements from industrial music. If you love bands
live : White Zombie and Static-X of course you love Mindscape. I found
very interesting their ideas and i like the five songs from this release.
Of course this release, wants more listenings than some other and 
i believe these guys didn't write "easy" listening songs.

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(8.5 /10)

Reviewed  by Antonis Maglaras